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I am trying to access the fields which I can see in this particular layer. I am able to see that it has fields but fetching the values in those fields is something that I am unable to do. Is there someway to do that?

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Just use the REST interface 'Query', scroll to bottom of page that you gave, here is a query for OBJECTID > 0, shows 98 records.

Where field: OBJECTID > 0
Outfields: **&returnGeometry=true&maxAllowableOffset=&geometryPrecision=&outSR=&returnIdsOnly=false&returnCountOnly=false&orderByFields=&groupByFieldsForStatistics=&outStatistics=&returnZ=false&returnM=false&gdbVersion=&returnDistinctValues=false&f=html

In javascript, do something like this...

    var selectQuery = new esri.tasks.Query();
    selectQuery.where = "OBJECTID > 0";
    selectQuery.outFields = ["*"];
    var queryTask = new esri.tasks.QueryTask("");
    queryTask.execute(selectQuery, function (features) {
        //do something with features returned
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what is it that I need to enter for the query? query in queryTask.selectQuery(query, function (features) {//code here}); – Sam007 Nov 19 '12 at 22:12
edited above: queryTask.execute(selectQuery, function(... – awesomo Nov 19 '12 at 23:18
is it possible to replicate the same Map Service in arcserver 10.03? I am trying to fetch the layer info like the example link you posted but it returns an error on ArcServer 10 – Sam007 Nov 30 '12 at 16:30
Not sure what you mean about replicating. However, this sample service in question is actually paired with a geoprocessing service. The map service is the result of the geoprocessing service. You use a jobID to access it. It is deleted by defaut in 6 hours. Check out help here… – awesomo Nov 30 '12 at 21:17
exactly this is on 10.1 but I am not able to create the same in 10. When I try to access the map server created by geoprocessing service in 10 it gives an error. – Sam007 Nov 30 '12 at 22:16

Scoll to the bottom of the page you gave and click "Query". To return all features in the layer, enter "0=0" in the top text box (labeled "Where:"). "0=0" is a true condition for all features. Leave all the other text boxes blank and press the "Query (GET)" button at the bottom of the form.

I recommend the JavaScript answer from awesomo, but if you want to only get certain fields, replace the "*" in

    selectQuery.outFields = ["*"];

with the field headings you want to work with. If you only want to return CALL_TYPE, CITY, and Date, the JavaScript would be

    selectQuery.outFields = ["CALL_TYPE", "CITY", "Date"];
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Did you try to get objects from this particular layer?

Your layer has /query endpoint, where you can query for objects on your layer Layer 0: Query

On this layer there is 98 objects. One sample object is OBJECTID:6

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