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I'm quite new with ArcGis 10 so I’m having difficulties with something that may be simple to some. Anyway I have a list of bores that I’ve plotted using coordinates. Now I need to draw a single contour line joining the bore points by their conductivity levels. As fair as I’ve tried researching I need to convert the shapefile of the bore details to a raster file and then create a contour line with the Spatial Analyst. Is this the correct procedure? I'm having real trouble trying to figure it all out. I've tried creating a raster file but not sure which cell assignment type etc to choose. Every time I try creating a point raster file based on the conductivity, I don’t get all the information or there are no visible points. Could anyone shine a light on this for me and provide some help to the steps I may need to follow. I hope I’ve supplied enough information. Thanks

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The short answer involves interpolation or kriging and then applying the contour tool of choice.
Here is a video of creating surface.

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