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I have a python script which converts csv data to shapefiles. It converts but won't get angle from csv.

Can anyone help me?

The CSV data looks like this:


And the Python script is:

import shapefile as shp
import csv
import os
import sys

fileToOpen = open('test.csv', "rb")

#Set up blank lists for data

#read data from csv file and store in lists
with open(fileToOpen, 'rb') as csvfile:
    print "File found and will be now converted"
    r = csv.reader(csvfile, delimiter=";")
    for i,row in enumerate(r):
        print row
        if i > 0: #skip header

#Set up shapefile writer and create empty fields
w = shp.Writer(shp.POINT)
w.autoBalance = 1 #ensures gemoetry and attributes match

#loop through the data and write the shapefile
for j,k in enumerate(x):
    w.point(k,y[j]) #write the geometry
#Save shapefile"Resultat/" + out_file3)
print "Done!"
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what do you mean when you say: 'wont get angle from csv'? – Devdatta Tengshe Nov 21 '12 at 11:11

You need to ensure that the angle read from the csv is cast as an integer and not a string as it may be at present. To do this change the line: angle.append(row[3]) to: angle.append(int(row[3]))

The second thing to correct is that you have not specified a length of the angle field, which can cause pyshp some problems, so specify a length, in this case 4 should be suitable:


These two fixes should allow the data to be written to the angle field of the attribute table.

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The problem I think is that you created four attributes


but you tried to put six things on it


It should just be


If you want to add k and y[j] then you'd have to create the corresponding attributes/fields.

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the geometry should be fine, your suggestion would also work but the value k is an iterator through the list x, so will give the correct coordinates. – sgrieve Nov 21 '12 at 11:46
Oops. That's rather embarrassing. Thanks for catching that :) – R.K. Nov 21 '12 at 11:51
No worries, I didn't notice the 6 attributes being written into 4 fields :) – sgrieve Nov 21 '12 at 11:53

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