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I have created a dgn-file using Ogr, but can't find a way to fill out the description for this layer programatically. (something like _dgnLayer.Description = "Highways")

opts.Add("SEED=" + seedfile);

// Prepare

// Initialize output DGN
using (var dgnDriver = Ogr.GetDriverByName("DGN"))
    _dgnDataSource = dgnDriver.CreateDataSource(filename, opts.ToArray());
    _dgnLayer = _dgnDataSource.CreateLayer("", null, wkbGeometryType.wkbUnknown, null);
    _dgnFeatureDefinition = _dgnLayer.GetLayerDefn();
    _dgnFeatureDefinition.AddFieldDefn(new FieldDefn("ErrorTest", FieldType.OFTString));

Regards Lars

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