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This should be quick - we're trying to determine if there are problems parsing some WKT text because the system locale considers the decimal separator to be a comma instead of a period.

Anyone know? References would be handy so I can show the devs.

Our specific implementation is using Esri's Web ADF but I am curious to know how other systems handle it, and whether or not the OGC has established an official opinion.

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According to a developer, the projection engine library ignores locale when writing (and reading) WKT strings. The decimal is always a period.

Melita Kennedy Esri product engineer

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Melita, I presume that's "the arcgis projection library..."? (and it's convention here not to sign posts. People can click through to your user page to get more info) – matt wilkie Dec 9 '10 at 5:28

When in doubt go to the OGC Spec ( which when you follow through all the BNF on page 53 indicates that a period or a comma are acceptable decimal points.

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This FAQ suggests that you might find problems with GDAL, but you should mention what software you are using:

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