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I'm looking for freely available touristic (hotel, restaurants, bars, attractions, etc.) poi-data that have some measure of popularity.

With popularity I mean, explicit popularity like on Tripadvisor (i.e: #10 out of 1500 attractions in Paris), but no api/ dump is available for TA. Or otherwise more soft-measures like the nr of checkins (Foursquare for example)

Anyone knows of any data-set (dump or api) which makes this type of info available? First use would be to display markers on a map, where only the most popular are shown. (as showing all 5000 available bars in say Paris is not very practical)

FYI, see list below of some sources I'm checking out

  • Factual Global PLaces (dataset from former SimpleGeo): likely no popularity, not tried.
  • openstreetmap (not tried yet, perhaps my next check)
  • foursquare (has an api with implicit popularity (nr of checkins)) but hard/impossible to query the api to get complete coverage (besides it's against their ToS
  • Facebook Graph api looking for places (not tried)

Any help appreciated.

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Have a look on this thread… – iRfAn Nov 29 '12 at 11:28
Did you solve the problem. If yes, how ? – Shreyas Chavan Jun 24 '15 at 18:18

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