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I noticed that PyQGis has QgsMapToolPan() and QgsMapToolZoom() functions, and the cursor shape on the canvas will change to a hand (for pan), magnifying-glass(+/-) (for zoomIn / zoomOut).

I have a toolbar for Select (arrow icon), Marquee (bounding box icon), besides the Pan, ZoomIn and ZoomOut tool buttons.

Currently I created the Select & Marquee tools as QgsMapTool(canvas) and setAction with the appropriately ui widget buttons.

How can I change the cursor shape to arrow when the Select tool is activated, and cross when the Marquee tool is activated?

(I noted the default cursor shape for QgsMapTool() is Cross icon which I could use for the Marquee tool.)

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The mouse cursor can be controlled by calling the setCursor method of any QWidget:

from PyQt4.QtGui import *
from PyQt4.QtCore import *

cursor = QCursor()

Or alternatively on the application level:

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