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I am using GeoServer (Version 2.2 Git Revision f5b5c35076b52d02eb9cca3fa3232bc17b5f6d80 Build Date 19-Sep-2012 18:33 GeoTools Version 8.2 (rev 704570474295e339c08d1ca140d884f23a8a03a3)) and I've got workspace with name myTestWorkspace and store with name test and type GeoTIFF. This store has URL connection parameters as follows: file:coverages/test.tif. I would like to download *.tif file by GeoServer REST API.

I found in documentation that it is possible using URL


So in my case it will be /workspaces/myTestWorkspace/coveragestores/test/file.geotiff (am I right?). But when I paste this URL I've got HTTP status 404. In documentation above is information that in this case (getting 404) are two options:


GET for a data store that does not exist -> 404
GET for a data store that is not file based -> 404

My data store exists (if for example I paste /workspaces/myTestWorkspace/coveragestores/test/file.tif then I've got Unsupported format: tif in response - this is ok, because tif is not valid format, so it means that GeoServer can see my store).
But is my data store file based? I thought that if data store has type GeoTIFF, then he is file based - am I right?

Any ideas why I cannot download TIFF file?
Thanks, Arek

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what do you see if you ask for /workspaces/myTestWorkspace/coveragestores/test/ ? I think you should see a list of files that are available – iant Nov 29 '12 at 10:29
I see: 'Coverage Store "test" test' (second 'test' is hyperlink to /workspaces/gsip/coveragestores/test/coveragestores/test.html) but when I paste /workspaces/myTestWorkspace/coveragestores/test.xml then I get normal information about store (name, description, type, enabled etc.) – Arek Woźniak Nov 29 '12 at 10:36

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