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I am building a web application where I need to compare 2 different maps of the same area, I need for the events on one map to automatically be triggered on the other map. I have so far:,evt.px);

these guys have done a map compare:

but I have no idea bow they achieved this event handling..

please help, I need this functionality As soon as possible, its been a week am fighting with this..I will appreciate all replies.

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Do you need to synchronize only moving and zooming of map?

In that case, one simple solution is: listen moveend event on map, and then zoom other map to extent of current map.

map1 = new OpenLayers.Map('map1');
map2 = new OpenLayers.Map('map2');{
    moveend: function(evt) {

    moveend: function(evt) {

Here's fiddle:

I did afraid at first, that there will infinite loop, when zoomToExtent triggers new event, but it works. I have to think about it, why :)

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:-), genious! why did I not think of that..thank you so much!!! it seems to work. – Eli Nov 30 '12 at 11:05

It's also possible to make the feedback instant, at the cost of complicating the code a bit (and causing potential performance problems if there are other events attached to the maps):

(used user1702401's answer and Fiddle as a template - thanks)

var mapFollow = function(mapA, mapB) {
    var syncMapHandler = function() {
        var aCenter = mapA.getCenter();
        var bCenter = mapB.getCenter();

        var coordsChanged = (( !== ||
            (aCenter.lon !== bCenter.lon));

        if (coordsChanged) {
            mapB.moveTo(mapA.getCenter(), mapA.getZoom(), {
                dragging: true
        'move': syncMapHandler,
        'zoomend': syncMapHandler,
        scope: this

map1 = new OpenLayers.Map('map1');
map2 = new OpenLayers.Map('map2');

mapFollow(map1, map2);
mapFollow(map2, map1);

Live example here:

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Thank you.. very helpful..! – Eli Dec 3 '12 at 11:10

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