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I am new to QGIS and would like to merge selected data/attributes out of the attribute tables from overlaying vector objects on different vector layers without creating new additional layers. Is there any standard QGIS operation or QGIS plugin to accomplish this task.

Basically to explain it better I have a vector layer with polygons representing buildings and its assigned attribute table. A second vector layer with polygons represents communal planning zones and its assigned attribute table. Both layers can not be joined by attributes as there have no corresponding keys. So I would like to perform a spatial query over both vector layers to find all buildings overlapping polygons of the zone layer and write back to the same building layer attribute table the corresponding zone code from the zone layer attribute table.

How can this be done? I am appreciating any hint.

Many thanks in advance

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Try in QGIS menu "Vector" - "Data Management Tools" - "Join attributes by location", but result is new shape-file.

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