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I have a lot of DEMs that I want to use to create hillshades, slopes and color relief from and would like to automate the processes using a shell script within OSgeo4W shell. Here is the code I used within the shell script to automate the creation of hillshades.

for f in *.tif
  echo "Processing $f"
gdaldem hillshade $f $f-hillshade" -z 1.0 -s 1.0 -az 315.0 -alt 45.0 -compute_edges -of GTiff

I'm new to OSgeo4W and shell scripting. I'm working off this example as a starting point. When I call the shell script within the OSgeo4W I get an error message that Windows can't open the file and then it gives me an option to use the web to find the correct program or to manually select a program to use.

I had assumed that OSgeo4W installed everything I would need to run shell scripts in Windows. What am I missing?

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It turns out that I forgot to type sh before the shell script in the osgeo4w. I also had an extra pair of quotes after hillshade in script. Once I removed the quotes and typed "sh" into the osgeo4w shell everything worked like a charm. See below for the updated and correct script. Man this is going to save me a ton of time!

for f in *.tif
  echo "Processing $f"
gdaldem hillshade $f $f-hillshade -z 1.0 -s 1.0 -az 315.0 -alt 45.0 -compute_edges -of GTiff
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sh files are used in the linux world. The Windows command line equivalent are .bat files. These do not need a sh command to start them. – AndreJ Jan 27 '15 at 16:08

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