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Is it possible to postprocess Trimble .ssf files without Trimble Pathfinder Office (differential correction - our sporadic use does not defend realtime correction subscription) ? We only need the correction utility but the pathfinder package contains a lot more and is too expensive just for this. I have not yet found open source software which supports ssf.

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Unfortunately I haven't found an Open Source solution.

However, there is a Trimble extension in ArcMap called GPS Analyst that will post-process .ssf files. They have also released a new version for ArcGIS 10.1 called Trimble Positions desktop addin that is the current ESRI solution.

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I cannot answer but this other question may give you some useful material.

RTKLIB is the reference open source post-processing solution, but it doesn't seem to support .ssf (yet?).

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I don't think so any sofware available to apply differential correction to ssf file. only Pathfinder office can do this. If I can help you you can contact me to solve your problem.

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