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Is possible to get bounding box from coordinates (latitude, longitude), zoom level and size (screen)? I found only calculating bounding box from tile. I need it, because OpenStreetMap accept only bbox in export mode. I dont have any experience with this, so I will be glad for any advice. Thanks.

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Search Tile numbers to lon./lat.… – Mapperz Dec 3 '12 at 17:15

Yes, it is. I've had a similar problem, so I've written it up. Like this:

use Math::Trig;

sub getLonLat {
    my ($xtile, $ytile, $zoom) = @_;
    my $n = 2 ** $zoom;
    my $lon_deg = $xtile / $n * 360.0 - 180.0;
    my $lat_deg = rad2deg(atan(sinh(pi * (1 - 2 * $ytile / $n))));
    return ($lon_deg, $lat_deg);

# convert from permalink OSM format like:
# to OSM "Export" iframe embedded bbox format like:

sub LonLat_to_bbox {
    my ($lat, $lon, $zoom) = @_;

    my $width = 425; my $height = 350;  # note: must modify this to match your embed map width/height in pixels
    my $tile_size = 256;

    my ($xtile, $ytile) = getTileNumber ($lat, $lon, $zoom);

    my $xtile_s = ($xtile * $tile_size - $width/2) / $tile_size;
    my $ytile_s = ($ytile * $tile_size - $height/2) / $tile_size;
    my $xtile_e = ($xtile * $tile_size + $width/2) / $tile_size;
    my $ytile_e = ($ytile * $tile_size + $height/2) / $tile_size;

    my ($lon_s, $lat_s) = getLonLat($xtile_s, $ytile_s, $zoom);
    my ($lon_e, $lat_e) = getLonLat($xtile_e, $ytile_e, $zoom);

    my $bbox = "$lon_s,$lat_s,$lon_e,$lat_e";
    return $bbox;

I've also added this info to OSM wiki, so it will be easier to find in the future...

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how to do this in javascript? – Muneem Habib Feb 25 '15 at 7:13

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