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we have an ,osm data in which we have used some tags that we defined ourselves like, age, roof_type, roof_slope . we want to convert this file to shapefile, in which the roof_type tag appears as a column name and its values as attributes.

we have tried:

QGIS: install plugin, only creates column of 7 tags, others are grouped into one column called tags

OSM2GIS: online tools, selects area on map, has many tags, but not user defined ones

Geoconverter: online tools, input a supported file and it will export a supported file, but not user defined ones

OSMembrane: still learning, frontend for Osmosis

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Osm2pgsql allows you to add as many tags for columns in the file as you like. The result is stored in a postgis database, and can be extracted and visualized from there with Quantum Gis.

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it is a command line tool, is there any frontend, wrapper for it, like jar or exe file. I have to teach it to others and they are not programmers. – neogeomat Dec 5 '12 at 1:33
There is no gui for it. If you put the command line in a bat file, you can edit it with an editor, save and double-click it. If it runs, you don't have to change it anymore. – AndreJ Dec 5 '12 at 5:07
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You can use QuantumGIS 2.0.

process is here How do I load OSM vector data in QGIS 2.0?

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