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I want to delete certain segments in a selected segment of a line in a line shape file in ArcMap10.

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Splitting lines is generally performed using the editor toolbar, which will also allow you to delete unwanted segments once they are split.

Depending on the nature of your data there are a number of ways to split a line, outlined here in the ArcGIS documentation, such as:

  • At intersections
  • At a specified distance along the line
  • Manually
  • Into equal parts
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start editing from editor. use split tool in editor to create a vertex where you hope to break the line. Then click the segment you want to delete with edit tool(a black arrow icon), and hit delete key.

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In the Editing toolbar, hit

Editor -> More Editing Tools -> Advanced Editing

Select your multipart feature, and click "Explode Multipart Feature".

This splits your multi-line feature fairly intelligently, creating independent features in the same class (make sure to create a copy before exploding if you want to preserve the original).

Advanced Editing Toolbar

ArcGIS Help - Separating a multipart feature (Explode)

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If you have an advanced license, make use of Feature Vertices To Points on your input line feature class. Next, perform a Split Line At Point, using your line feature class as the input feature class, and the feature vertices as your point feature class. This method will create a new feature class that contains a feature for each segment of each feature in the input feature class.

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ESRI calls this operation Multipart To Singlepart (Data Management). From there, simply open an edit session and delete unwanted polyline segments.

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