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Some times in my tools I need to output Cyrillic text via arcpy.AddMessage function.

Previously in 10.0 it was very easy. I had .py file of the tool saved in UTF8 codepage. This code wrote messages in Cyrillic with system locale 'cp1251':

source_message = u'Some Cyrillic text here'
message = source_message.encode('cp1251')

But in 10.1 the same piece of code writes <msg>0; to messages.

I have tried several ways of output (utf8, cp1251, unicode) with combinations of saving source .py file in different codepages - no way.

May be anybody faced similar problems in 10.1 ?

PS I am trying to run this tool in ArcCatalog 10.1 sp1

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I have same problem because i'm from Serbia and we also use 'cp1251' for our letters. Try to encode with 'utf-8', and then print it, but just add:

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Have you tried it in 10.1 ? Because this method works for me too in 10.0 but not in 10.1. – Alex Markov Dec 6 '12 at 16:45
Sorry i didn't try in 10.1. – Milos Dec 6 '12 at 21:35

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