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I am going to be looking at the new Geocortex software soon, and wondered if anyone else was using it, what they think of it and if they had any online resources they could share.

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By MS WF are you talking about Silverlight? When you say the new geocortex you mean essentials 3.11? I just googled geocortex and see several youtube videos. Latitude is easy to get an eval from. and provide great help. I will fill in an answer with some clarification on what you are looking for. mod you question and let us know if your plan is heavy programming of simple ootb implementation. Do you have a simple use scenario we can fill in the gaps? – Brad Nesom Dec 7 '12 at 14:29
Which Geocortex software are you planning to look at? – PolyGeo Dec 8 '12 at 11:55

I work in the Product Support department at Latitude Geographics, so I can't answer your questions as a client might, but I can certainly provide some insight.

I'm assuming you are referring to the use of Microsoft Workflow Foundations in the Geocortex Essentials product. Many of our users use this technology, either directly by implementing their own custom workflows or indirectly by using a workflow that is shipped with the product or developed by our Professional Services department.

While the intent of the Workflow component is to allow you to visually configure a GIS-related workflow without any prior programming knowledge, programming knowledge is extremely helpful due to the syntax used within the designer tool, particularly when working with your own custom solutions.

As for online resources, we have a Support Center that you would receive access to once you have a valid license for Geocortex Essentials. The Support Center has a discussion forum, knowledge base, code gallery and API reference that will help you develop your own workflows.

Latitude also offers training and support services to further assist you if the online offerings don't meet your needs.

Hopefully other folks will be able to post their opinions on the product. I think it's pretty great.

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