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How to add waterways and railroads without turn restrictions into the previously created street network dataset with turn restrictions, in order to create a multimodal network?

For a university project, we use TeleAtlas Multinet data. We used the following Street Data Processing Tool:

Street Network is created with all kinds of turn restrictions, then now we need to add waterways and railroads into the routable network with global turns. However we couldn't create the multimodal network. Could you please give a suggestion if you have an idea about this topic.

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What errors/problems have you encountered? – R.K. Dec 9 '12 at 2:17

You would need to have only meta nodes representing intermodal transfer points cause modeling this network with access at every node-intersection would be meaninless for routing and analysis. You could use oding so that different feature classes could only be accessed by a certain flag at inter-modal points. Create meta data object oriented models of intersection- say edges going to or from an intersection point and allow processing only on correcly set flags for your particular analytic case. Buse batch processing to convert features to OOP models such as if A = street route, B = Railroute, C = Inter modal transfer then where routes = A to B via C = route any valid combination = routing network for that particular case in as many different associations and cases subject to procedural rules as you want to allow.

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