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Do you know any geoportals which are fully (or almost) compatible with INSPIRE directive?

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The French INSPIRE compliant geoportal (or geoportail) is online at

Ireland's EPA is responsible for many INSPIRE compliant datasets: - more to come in 2011. Ireland is implementing a GeoNetworks Solution where all councils have their own portals that feed into a national hub run by central government.

There is also the EU portal itself (written with MapFish / OpenLayers) at

Also see this OS project and demo Dutch site

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  1. Discovery - Metadata
  2. View
  3. Download
  4. Transform
  5. Invoke

There an OSS project on INSPIRE implementation:

Another one less advanced

Look for geoportals (sdi) solutions and see how they are advanced in the INSPIRE implementation:

You should ask on

Others documentations:

Check this implementation:







EDIT - EU INSPIRE Geoportal project attribution

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I think Lithuania too has an INSPIRE geoportal

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EuroGeographics Association has launched a website on July 1 EuroGeoInfo acting point of access to spatial data in Europe.

Through the new website one can read about the infrastructures for spatial information in different countries and the products (Geoportals) and services offered by belonging to the association offices.

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