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Having 2 linestring tables:

pipelines (id integer, street varchar(50), shape geometry) 
streets (id integer, name varchar(50), shape geometry)

Each pipeline passes/intersects several streets.


I need to:

  1. Fill the street field in the pipelines automatically and
  2. I need to know to which street does the pipeline "belong the most".

I thought about densifiying the vertices of the each pipeline at a maximum 5 meter distance from each other, and do the analysis on them and then statistically find out the answer.

How In Postgis can I create a table that presents the geometry for each point of the pipelines along with their corresponding id?

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Your answer did help, although it didn't do what I wanted.

I found out how to do it:

select id, (st_dumpPoints(st_segmentize(shape, 5))).geom as geom 
from pipelines;
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Here should be SELECT for it, just convert to SELECT INTO if it works

      ,(ST_Dump(the_geom)).path as pipe_path  
      ,(ST_Dump(the_geom)).geom as the_geom 

(I don't have Postgis installation with linestring to test this)

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