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I am implementing a python based plugin for use with QGIS 1.8.

Most of it's user interface is contained within a QDockWidget but there are some layer specific controls I would like to append to the context menu displayed when the user right-clicks on the Table Of Contents.

Is there a way for me to manipulate this menu?

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Applies to the current development version or the upcoming release 2.0.

You can use QgsLegendInterface.addLegendLayerAction for this purpose. This method lets you add new menu entries for a LayerType (VectorLayer, RasterLayer, PluginLayer)

a = QAction( u"My Action", iface.legendInterface() )
iface.legendInterface().addLegendLayerAction( a, u"My Plugin Menu", u"id1", QgsMapLayer.VectorLayer, True )

If you set the allLayers parameter of addLegendLayerAction to False you can add the action only for specific layers. Given a variable myLayer pointing to a QgsMapLayer:

aLyr = QAction( u"My Layer Action", iface.legendInterface() )
iface.legendInterface().addLegendLayerAction( aLyr, u"My Plugin Menu", u"id2", QgsMapLayer.VectorLayer, False )
iface.legendInterface().addLegendLayerActionForLayer( aLyr, myLayer )

You would then normally connect the QAction.triggered signal to a slot with the code you want to execute when your menu entry is clicked.

You should remove the action by calling the appropriate removeLegendLayerAction when your plugin is exiting.

iface.legendInterface().removeLegendLayerAction( a )
iface.legendInterface().removeLegendLayerAction( aLyr )
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Thanks, nice update. – Kelly Thomas Apr 26 '13 at 6:09

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