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I believe Top unsung business benefits for GIS is an excellent source of info.

My question expands on that for any industry books related to this subject. I know there have already been several postings for recommended books but I am trying to find books that explicitly explain the value of GIS to a company.

In short, I am looking for books that will clearly explain the business benefits (financial and otherwise) that GIS can provide for a company.

Are there are any resources on the web for this information?

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ESRI has devoted a lot of time and documentation to this subject.

Here is a jump "on" page that should lead to plenty of case studies, and ROI (return on investment) calculators.

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Your right ESRI has a designated website and free e-book(pdf) and other great materials all at explaining more about how to determine ROI for your business. – user1453 Dec 14 '10 at 19:18

Have a look at Directions Magazine compilation.

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