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I have created many .gpx datas with my Garmin device, but due to the amount of data, I have imported the mapping data from my device several times (also because I didn't want it to be lost)...

As a result I have now many double or even 6 times the same point (including tracks, which I displayed as points also, so that I have the elevation) after I saved all the gpx-files as shapefiles and then merged them.

Is there a way to automatically erase the duplicates with QGIS, or if not with any other free software working on Ubuntu 12.4?

I very much appreciate your help!

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Try the 'mmqgis'-plugin. There, go to Modify -> delete duplicate geometries and select your layer.

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Nice! I didn't know this plugin! Thanks a lot :) –  Lukas Dec 14 '12 at 8:41

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