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on my computer, I have both - Ubuntu and Windows - operating systems. Since I work on both of them and QGIS save path to particular layers using absolute path, it's very inconvenient to store projects on local disk.

Moreover, I wish to access QGIS projects and layers from other computers. Is there any possibility to store them on the Internet? What will be the best, free of charge, solution? I thought about Dropbox, but I'm not sure if there's more convenient way.

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In Project Settings, you can specify if absolute or relative paths should be used. Dropbox can be a good solution if your files don't grow too big for the free data plan. If you provide more information about your requirements, we might be able to offer different solutions.

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Store relative path is one of described issue. What about different OS? They use both "/" and "\" as location separator. Will it be a source of next problems? – matandked Dec 23 '12 at 15:27

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