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I got many GeoEye files with BGRN color format. The image looks gray. -co PHOTOMETRIC=RGB ALPHA=NO gives greenish color. Rearranging bands does not work too.

Could someone help me convert this image to "natural color" image using gdal_translate


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If you have it currently in BGRN and want RGB the obvious solution is:

gdal_translate -b 3 -b 2 -b 1 bgrn.tif rgb.tif

You mention rearranging bands does not work. Could you clarify what you try and what happens?

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I did exact the same command above. BGRN is B G R Nir. But the result image is kind of greenish. Would it be the RBG is that how it looks, originally? – alsaleem Dec 20 '12 at 11:15

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