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I am trying to convert a GMT grid data into a format that is readable in ArcGIS. I have already attempted to load the data into GRASS and use GDAL translate to convert into a tif with unwanted results. Mainly the extent is wrong with a cell size of 1,1 while in reality it should cover the entire world.


After installing GMT and utilizing the source code

grd2xyz -Ef input.grd

the resulting ascii grid was converted to a tif format that was read by ArcGIS (ascii to raster). However again the final product does not have a correct extent showing a cellsize of 1,1. Could someone who perhaps is more familiar with GMT check the data above to check if it is viable to use within an ArcMap format?

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Try using this tool:

It can convert GMT grid to ascii, then you can use other software, like FME, to convert to esri grid. (Found this info in the following pdf, chapter 3.3.2:,d.Yms)

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I have tried to convert between GMT to ascii and then converting to a tiff but the resulting extent is still not correct – BJEBN Dec 30 '12 at 22:50

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