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I am customizing the opentripplanner webapp according to my needs. it has 5 different base layers. but in code (in map.js and OpenLayersUtils) i can't find where it adds these layers to map.

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Try the source directly from the git repo here of opentripplanner. I think it's somewhere in this file where they setup the map.

There you see:

 initialize : function(config)
    otp.configure(this, config); = otp.util.OpenLayersUtils.makeMap(this.mapDiv, this.options);
    if (this.baseLayer == null)
        this.baseLayer = otp.util.OpenLayersUtils.makeMapBaseLayer(, this.baseLayerOptions);
        this.cartoLayer = this.baseLayer;
        this.orthoLayer = this.baseLayer;
        this.cartoLayer =[0];
        this.orthoLayer =[1];

        if(this.baseLayer.length > 1 && this.plannerOptions && this.plannerOptions.showLayerSwitcher !== false) {
        } else {
    }, true);

In there is a line:

otp.configure(this, config);

That looks like a variable thing, a bit below that you see that this otp config object if exists is being used to set up layers;

Looking at the rest of the code, it looks like you have 3 basic layers: WMS + the carto + ortho layer. The other 2 come from something dynamically configured it seems. That would be my first guess. The WMS layer is defined in makeMap, in this file

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