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I tried to draw polygons in qgis-1.7.0 and I somehow can't find or failed to find the "snapping" option. I'm used to ArcGIS-10.0 where you have some snapping options, like placing points of polygons at points/edges/shapes/etc.

Is this also possible with qgis? And if yes, how to activate it? I've tried to figure out all the editing options, but couldn't find any snapping or similar.

Any hints appreciated! Thanks!

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In Settings / Options / Digitizing, you can define the distance radius in pixel or map units to snap to other points, and in Settings / Snapping options you can choose which layers can be used for snapping.

Only thing that does not work is snapping to the points of a line or polygon you are just creating.

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Thanks, that's it! –  donSchoe Dec 28 '12 at 11:29
@Andrej how can we enable the snapping using python programming? –  Pavidevi Feb 10 at 12:54
@Pavidevi I don't know much about Python, you better ask that as a new question. –  AndreJ Feb 10 at 13:51
@Andrej Thank you for your reply. –  Pavidevi Feb 19 at 7:41

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