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i need to print a detailed map, on a street level zoom of Metro Manila. i figured to do this i need to download map tiles, but that will be a breach on map usage in OSM. then i found this website,, they provide pre-downloaded map extracts of certain areas, with Metro Manila being one, just what i need.

Now what i have to do is get a hold of some GIS application, and that will be QGIS, i've done some research and it turns out QGIS offers a plugin that prints maps, print composer to be exact, but as i continue reading, though i haven't really tried it, print composer only prints in a certain zoom level? or paper/print size?

I need a map that is on a street level, so if im gonna use one paper, it has to be hude to accomodate the street zoom level, so im thinking if print composer provides or has a feature to cut a map on a street level zoom to multiple A4 size papers or any smaller size papers, so that i can just later on fit them all together?.

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You can use the QGIS Atlas plugin, which in the current build of QGIS is no longer a plugin but a core feature of the composer. Atlas will allow you use a coverage layer, in your case would be a street level grid over you map, to print the composer for each feature in the coverage layer. The grid does not need to be uniform, in fact you can even use points or lines.

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You can use a QGIS plugin called EasyPrint, it is in the main plugin repository and it will create map books based on scale and/or a grid you supply. Here's a link to the mailing list where the author announced its availability:

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