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Can ogr2ogr be used to append multiple DBF files? It works with SHP files, but I can't see how to do it with DBF files on their own. It ought to be possible, considering DBF is a subset of SHP.

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Say you have three DBF files with the same field structure (schema), and you want to combine them into one all.dbf. From a system shell, use ogr2ogr with the -append flag:

$ ogr2ogr -append all.dbf a.dbf
$ ogr2ogr -append all.dbf b.dbf
$ ogr2ogr -append all.dbf c.dbf

These files can be either shapefiles or sole DBF files. It will work either way.

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Alternatively, if you have dozens of files and all your shapefiles are in a single folder you can use the Vector->Data management Tools->Merge shapefiles to one tool in QGIS. Either, that or write a simple Python script to iterate Mike's solution above over the contents of a folder. – MappaGnosis Jan 4 '13 at 10:39

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