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Title says it all. Can a QGIS project be uploaded onto GIS CLoud to display all the properties i have asked it to display in QGIS?

if not is there an equvilant GIS Server i can upload previous QGIS project onto so they look like the look on QGIS?

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I don't know about GIS Cloud, but there is a similar project specifically for QGIS projects and maps. QGIS Cloud

By installing the QGIS Cloud plugin you could upload your maps to the server and share it with other people. Here is a documentation how to do that.

Nevertheless consider that .qgs-files are merely XML-like structures, which save the location and loaded properties of your projects. (You can open the .qgs file with a notepad to see how its done) Therefore you've to upload your raster and vector layers too, which could result in pretty big project directories.

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