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I have no formal training in GIS and have learned on the fly with ArcGIS 9.3 at work and have been dabbling with QGIS on my own time for my business. Is there any resource recommendations ingeneral for getting past the basics of GIS and going into the deep dark secrets? Specifically in relation to experession coding for labeling, queries, etc.

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Underdark has composed some nice examples for labeling expressions:

Easier Conditional Labels in QGIS

Here are some helpful links for querying:

Query Attributes

Working with Attribute Table - Basic Queries

If you are interested in coding then you can start with this resource:

pyQGIS Developer Cookbook

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Some useful stuff here for 1.8 and older

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Just note the list of Field Calculator Function is now out of date. All functions that can be used will be listed in the expression builder. – Nathan W Jan 8 '13 at 22:00

a nice blog with good QGIS tutorials :

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