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For a project I have some name of towns and cities in the Southern part of Sudan, the region South Kordofan. Many of these towns I can't find on Google Maps, but I need to know their location.

Example of towns I can't find are: Kuma, Mendi, Kalkutta, Um Serbeba and Al Nugra.

Hope someone knows a good source?

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Search on Sudan Map on google will get the accurate map . – Sunil Jan 9 '13 at 10:07

I would first take a look at Geospatial Data for Sudan from the United Nations. Also, note that they provide contacts to inquire about the most up to date GIS data. I would also recommend contacting NPOs working in South Sudan, as I'm sure they have internal data they may be willing to share.

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There is a website called GeoNames which lists all cities around the world but when I entered these city names, I could not find them.

However, using the fuzzy search on the site (under advanced options) Kalkadda returned a result for Southern Sudan. Perhaps there are some different ways of spelling these cities?

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