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I have a problem with OGC filter.

My layer in OpenLayers has this filter:

filter: new OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison({ 
            type: OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.BETWEEN, 
            property: "datetime", 
            lowerBoundary: "2013-01-10T12:11:50.501Z", 
            upperBoundary: "2013-01-10T12:11:55.501Z" 

and the post to server is:

<ogc:Filter xmlns:ogc="">

but the reply is:

<wfs:FeatureCollection numberOfFeatures="0" timeStamp="2013-01-10T12:11:15.100Z" xsi:schemaLocation="AidAssistant" xmlns:ogc="" xmlns:tiger="" xmlns:cite="" xmlns:nurc="" xmlns:sde="" xmlns:wfs="" xmlns:topp="" xmlns:it.geosolutions="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:AidAssistant="AidAssistant" xmlns:sf="" xmlns:ows="" xmlns:gml="" xmlns:xlink="">

I tried to use this filter:

filter: new OpenLayers.Filter.Logical({ 
        type: OpenLayers.Filter.Logical.AND, 
        filters: [ 
                new OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison({ 
                    type: OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO, 
                    property: "datetime", 
                    value: 2013-01-10T12:25:40.612Z 
                new OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison({ 
                   type: OpenLayers.Filter.Comparison.LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO, 
                   property: "datetime", 
                  value: 2013-01-10T12:25:50.612Z 

and the post is:

<ogc:Filter xmlns:ogc="">

and the reply is the same, 0 features.

There are features in my layer, indeed if I do this request:

I receive a lot of features.

But if I try this:

I receive 0 features.

Sorry for the long post :(

Can someone help me?


Update: Maybe I have found the error. Geoserver to do this query on the DB:

SELECT "node_id","datetime","geom".STAsBinary() as "geom"
  FROM "v_dati_sensori_geom_BNU1" WHERE  "datetime" BETWEEN '2013-01-3 16:45:53.000' AND '2013-01-10 16:45:58.000'

but this does not work because the right query on SQL SERVER is:

SELECT "node_id","datetime","geom".STAsBinary() as "geom"
  FROM "v_dati_sensori_geom_BNU1" WHERE  "datetime" 
  BETWEEN convert(datetime, '2013-01-3 16:45:53.000', 120)  AND convert(datetime, '2013-01-10 16:45:58.000', 120)

Workaround for this problem?

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You should use raw MSSQL format of timedates in the filter. You can use solution from or from documentation


    SELECT "node_id","datetime","geom".STAsBinary() as "geom"
      FROM "v_dati_sensori_geom_BNU1" WHERE  "datetime" 
      BETWEEN convert(datetime, '2013-01-3 16:45:53.000', 30)  
      AND convert(datetime,'2013-01-10 16:45:58.000', 30)

work correctly? '30' style is interpreted as default styly '0' (see documetation


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My mistake, was: convert (datetime, '2013-01-3 16:45:53.000', 120) – pask23 Jan 11 '13 at 8:34

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