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I would like to programatically export geotiff files in different scales (e.g. 1:25000, 1:50000 etc) using arcgis10.

As input I have some shape files and a DEM file as well as a corresponding style.

I tried to understand the different possibilities by reading the online-documentation but I am unsure what Api and Calls to use. C#, C++ and python are all ok but I would like to create a fully automated solution. I think a console application might be the best fit but executing a python script from within arcgis might also be ok.

I have the following questions:

  1. Should I use the .Net API or is a python script sufficient in this scenario?
  2. What are the commands / methods I have to call? A code example would be great but pointers to the right documentation is also nice.
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I would suggest creating a simple script using python.

  1. Use the dataframe scale property to define map scale within your defined map document
  2. Use Export to TIFF to generate new image file exported by dataframe extent
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Thanks for your answer (+1). However I am currently struggling with a white boarder around the exportetd tif (even though I set the extent properly). Also the header of the tif is not complete. I think will add a new question and link it from here. – tobsen Jan 30 '13 at 16:04

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