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I would like to run a process to:

1) find all shapefiles in muliple folders/directories (i.e., the directory for each differen folder is "G:\Projects\"variable project #"\GIS\Shapefiles)

2) Add a field for inserting "variable project #" from the file path name(i.e., truncate the file path name to only include "variable project #")

3)Then export and merge these features into a temporary folder.

...if I could even do stpes 1-2 above, it would be a tremendous help. This files are in a couple hundred folders and, due to the length of the file path, it is a bit onerous to try to batch process these manually...

Any help would be greatly apprecited,


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Hi - Are using ArcGIS? You could add the ArcGIS tag and perhaps python to your question. – djq Jan 10 '13 at 22:40
What is your comfort level with writing your own scripts/code? Also what language(s)? There are multiple ways of addressing your problem but it's too broad without some more information. – Kevin Jan 10 '13 at 23:28

I would suggest FME from Safe for this kind of job. If you dont have a license you can download the demo version. Else you could use python or anything to script what you want.

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