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Could anyone offer advice regarding outdoor mobile hardware and software for GPS-photos, data capture, and textual input. We don´t want to necessarily write long text, so the ability to write into shapefile format would be optimal. Obviously the price is a big factor and we have a budget of around 2-3,000 Euro/Dollar for everything. The colleague who needs this also has an this could also be an option.

I know that this has been covered in some extent in other posts, but I also would like to know if anyone has used pure mobile GIS opensource software on Android or Apple based operating systems. The Ipad also has GPS build in and would also be a great platform for GIS mobile tasks.

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What accuracy level are you looking for? – Mapperz Jan 16 '13 at 5:12

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I have used geopaparazzi (open source) on andriod with succes to map walking-trails.

Can log tracks or make georeferenced notes and pictures Using a json file you can make your own geo note templates (with drop-down's etc.)

You can export kmz (including pictures) or use their Beegis tool to get the data in GIS. I just used ogr to convert the KMZ to GIS-data.

Its not a pro-tool, accuracy is low, but is free.

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