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I would like to start using Leaflet instead of OpenLayers, but I can't find a way to load WMTS layer into the map. Is that possible with Leaflet, or do I have to stick with OL? I haven't found anything related to this topic.

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You can use the IGN L.TileLayer.WMTS class. See… – Håvard Tveite May 6 '15 at 7:33

Technically wmts could be use as a tilelayer, but will have to figure out your Tiling structure. A constructor for a layer could look something like this:

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Hi, thanks for a hint, I've tried var zm = L.tileLayer('‌​EQUEST=GetTile&VERSION=1.0.0&Layer=zm&TileMatrixSet=openlayerssphericalmercator:e‌​psg:900913&TILEMATRIX={z}&TILEROW={x}&TILECOL={y}&FORMAT=image/png'); with no success. No request is being sent to the server. But if I visit wmts directly, it works. – Michal Zimmermann Jan 15 '13 at 13:01
have you added it to the map with addTo()? – Daniël Tulp Jan 21 at 13:01

You don't really need to use WMTS, if you're reading from GeoServer. GeoServer does the same caching for both WMTS and WMS, so just using a Leaflet WMS reader will work fine.

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