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Perhaps I am misunderstanding the "vector field renderer" and "VectFieldCalc" plugins, but I have no idea how to make a vector field of arrows, with directions and magnitude. I have the data loaded currently with two seperate .vrt layers, and have tried many other ways. The data originally came from two netcdf files. It would be really nice if I could make the layer simply from those two rasters.

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I'm encountering the same problem as you. I would like to create wind vector from a netcdf file in qgis. I have two fields called "eastward_wind" and "northward_wind" in m/s. Do you have any idea how to extract this vector (using VectFieldCalc or another tool) ? Thank you ! – user24460 Nov 28 '13 at 16:25

OK. After who knows how long, I somewhat got it. I had to write a python program to create a .csv file with Latitude, Longitude, u, and v. After I imported my .csv, I was able to use the vector plugins.

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