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I would like to place the elevation-number of a point in a different front size and centred under its name:

enter image description here

Is that possible?

(That is my actual labeling: label || '\n' || elevation)

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Ignoring font size for the minute, you could achieve your first option by centering the label above the point, in QGIS 1.9 you have the option to center the text under the multiple lines section. If you have included a newline character in your expression you can leave the 'Wrap on character' box empty (or I put a slash in my expression instead of the '\n' and set that as the wrap-character - the wrap-character isn't shown). This will set your text centered as in your second option. For something like your first option, you could set the line height option to 2 or 3.

However, QGIS advanced labeling only has a single option for font size. So, to achieve the different font sizes, I think you will have to add your layer a second time and set the elevation font and position in there.

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Are there any current or future plans to implement the use of HTML-based font tags for QGIS labels, much like ArcGIS text formatting tags? – RyanDalton Jan 18 '13 at 16:01
@RyanDalton It's a good idea, but may slow the label rendering down, and may be difficult to figure the appropriate size of the label (since that's based off of QFontMetricsF now), but have to try to implement it first to know for sure. No plans for 2.0, but might be doable for 2.1. – dakcarto Jan 18 '13 at 17:32

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