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I'm working with TextSymbolizer in Mapnik. I have a shape file with a attribute which is a real. I wish to print the value of this attribute as integer and I don't find how I can do it in Mapnik.

I must not change the source shape file. Can someone advise of the recommended way to do this?

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Not having found a solution to do exactly what I want, I bypassed the problem using a regular expression. If the real attribute is 'VAL' and the decimal separator is '.':

<TextSymbolizer placement = "line" fontset-name = "fontset-0" size = "11" dy = "-4" halo-fill = "rgba (255, 255, 255, 0.5)" halo-radius = "1" > 
<! [CDATA [[VAL]. replace ('\. [0-9] +','')]]>
</ TextSymbolizer>
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