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I have finished my project and need to convert it into a PDF file. How can I do it?

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Thanks for sharing this... BTW... I'm a longtime ESRI ArcGIS user and I just downloaded QGIS (I hadn't seen it in a few years). I'm loving it! Although I need to get more familiar with it.. I've been searching the web any time I have a relatively simple question. The last search I did revealed how to use the python window to consume ArcGIS REST services.. Pretty Cool! – Keary Larson Feb 9 at 20:06

I'm going to answer this but you should really do a quick search first before asking something like this, or at least have a look though the manuals at:

If you want a PDF you need to first create a composer window, File->New Print Composer... Once you have a new print composer you can add a map (Layer->Add Map..) and add it by dragging an area in the composer.

You can then export the composer to PDF using File->Export to PDF..

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I have to Export to SVG from QGIS (then load into Adobe Illustrator) to get the layers out (just have to create layers and re-name) if QGIS supported Layered PDF then can eliminate the illustrator steps. – Mapperz Feb 9 at 20:10

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