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I have the function

--Ellipse(x,y,rx,ry,rotation,#of segments in 1/4 of ellipse)
SELECT ST_Translate( ST_Rotate( ST_Scale( ST_Buffer(ST_Point(0,0), 0.5, $6), $3, $4), $5), $1, $2)

I have points in WGS84 (x,y), radiuses in meters (rx, ry), rotation angle in degrees. And I need a new WGS84 geometry as a result.

As you can see I can't call this function without conversions between WGS84 and some metric SRID. But my points aren't in a definite region. So a SRID which is optimal for one point, throws an error for another point during conversion.

Is there a common way to get an optimal metric projection (SRID) for a WGS84 point? Or at least to use some rough, but world-wide universal metric projection? Or maybe there's a trick for this case?

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