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I have to convert a bunch of shapefiles to mapinfo files on a machine without a MapInfo license, so I am using ogr2ogr to perform this task.

The problem is that when opening the mapinfo files in MapInfo Professional, the table's Portuguese characters like à are not there any longer. E.g.:


When opening the same input shapefile through MapInfo Professional (File|Open|Choosing Windows US & Western Europe (ANSI)), I do get the correct result.

I tried lots of different combinations in ogr2ogr using:

  • -lco ENCODING
  • intermediate formats (conversion in 2 go's)
  • etc.

I cannot seem to get it right. Does anyone have THE solution? :-)

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(Late Reply!) Can you use QGIS? Import the Mapinfo file in question, set the correct encoding in Layer Properties > General (Tab), then Save As anything QGIS supports (via GDAL/OGR). – Nikos Alexandris Jun 13 '14 at 12:38

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