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I want to analyse a Dealers retail sales performance by location , measuring sales versus population in total and social class etc. I have the shape file for the population of Ireland which includes social class per area.

Also I have the sales data per dealer per product category, and I know where they are located! ,I would be very appreciative of any help where to start in Qgis,

The way I envisage this is that I would have a map of Ireland with my dealers highlighted on the map with a specific radius , 30km for example , highlighted with a coloured circle. this radius would automatically estimate / calculate the population and it's demographics within the dealer area (30km radius)

I would also like to be able to filter by product to try identify trends of a particular type of product sold per area.

I Look forward to your help and hopefully patience as I am going this alone and am a beginner ,in the sense that I only installed Qgis yesterday.

I installed the openlayer plugin and have my google street map of Ireland.


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Welcome to GIS.stackexchange. On this site, our goal is to answer concrete questions about GIS topics. This thread - as it stands now - does not contain a specific question other than "help me so I don't have to do any research myself" ... sorry to be blunt. – underdark Jan 22 '13 at 19:44
Dear Matt, As mentioned by @underdark your post here contain many questions, and I don't think we can provide an answer without doing this research. However I feel that for your purpose QGIS will be sufficient tool for you. I suggest that you'll read the manual found in QGIS project website. You'll have to figure out what data to collect and how to arrange it, read about vector anlysis. You'll also need buffer. Start reading and more to-the-point questions will evolve. Than this forum will be perfect for you. Good Luck – dof1985 Jan 22 '13 at 22:13
Hi Underdark, I was looking for general guidance of a direction to follow. your reply was unhelpful.If I am approached by someone looking for advise or direction I do my best to assist and am -open- with my knowledge.I will of course read the manual. Being honest ,I don't think you are sorry for being blunt. Hi Dof1985 , Thank you for your balance approach to answering my question , it was helpful. i – user14488 Jan 23 '13 at 23:26

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