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I am a beginner in ArcGIS and I was following this tutorial. I am trying to find a route between two points. I created a sample application, in which first, i get the two points on map single tap as follows

        public boolean onSingleTap(final MotionEvent e)
            Point point = map.toMapPoint(new Point(e.getX(), e.getY()));
            if (points.size() == 2)
                new FindRouteTask().execute();
            return true;

and my FindRouteTask is as follows

private class FindRouteTask extends AsyncTask<Void, Void, RoutingResult>

        ProgressDialog  dialog  = new ProgressDialog(FindeRouteActivity.this);
        RoutingResult   mResults;

        protected void onPreExecute()
            dialog.setMessage("Finding routes...");

        protected RoutingResult doInBackground(Void... params)
            RoutingParameters routeParams = new RoutingParameters();

            String routeTaskURL = "";
            RoutingTask routeTask = new RoutingTask(routeTaskURL, null);

            NAFeaturesAsFeature naFeatures = new NAFeaturesAsFeature();
            // Create the stop points from point geometry
            StopGraphic startPnt = new StopGraphic(points.get(0));
            StopGraphic endPnt = new StopGraphic(points.get(1));
            // set features on routing feature class
            naFeatures.setFeatures(new Graphic[] { startPnt, endPnt });
            // set stops on routing feature class
                mResults = routeTask.solve(routeParams);
            } catch (Exception e)
                return null;
            return mResults;

        protected void onPostExecute(RoutingResult result)
            if (result == null || !result.getRoutes().isEmpty())
                Toast.makeText(FindeRouteActivity.this, "There was some problem in fetching the routes. Please try again!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
            } else


But the problem is that routeTask.solve(routeParams) always throws a exception

Failed to convert the input propertyset into a recordset to load into the NAClass "Stops".  The coordinates or measures are out of bounds.  

Could anyone please tell me what am I doing wrong and what the problem is??
-Thanks in advance

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No, Its still giving the same error. If you got solved this error, Please share the source code so it would be helpful for us @Antrromet – user3206549 Sep 6 '14 at 21:47
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The problem was that we need to set the spatial reference of the naFeatures that we were sending. Hence


solved the problem!

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