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I have created an Add-In using Python. However, when I edit the Python script for that Add-In and re-create the '.esriaddin' file, I don't get updated results when using that Add-In. Do I need to re-create the Add-In each time when I edit my Python script to cater to changes?

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The steps for editing existing Python add-ins are described here.

One of those steps is to Test your add-in and the first step of that is to "Make the add-in file" by running the script.

Consequently, I would expect that you do need to re-create the Add-in.

It is certainly worth giving that a try.

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Thanks. I learned from ESRI python forum that I have to restart ArcMap each time when I re-create Add-In using python. – Ibe Jan 26 '13 at 3:22

In fact I found the other way to do it:

Adding to your script I just import module (but with fixed path) and do all your scripting in module. So it should look like that:

 def onClick(self):
    import imp
    print "start"
    mytestmodule = ""
    mymod = imp.load_source("mytestmodule", mypath+os.sep+mytestmodule)

Now you can call any methods from module. Not sure yet if I can create a class there with onClick event?

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