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I have a shapefile whose features I can filter by specifying a where clause in the query dialogue. F.x. I have a field named 'city_name' and by stating 'city_name = "London"' in the where clause only London is displayed. What I would like to do now is to fetch all values in 'city_name' from the attribute table.

Something like that:

select distinct city_name from [attribute table]

I found several tools in QGIS apparently dealing with SQL and I also had a quick look at the different Plugins. But I fail at connecting to a database or the table name ... what database or which table in that case?

In the end I want to export the result list and use it for further processing.

I am using QGIS 1.8.

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You have a few choices to do what you ask.

  1. Import your shapefile in a Spatialite or Postgis database, and then you can query your table using complete SQL statements;
  2. Use the Dissolve tool (Vector > Geoprocessing Tools > Dissolve), to dissolve your shapefiles using the field "city_name". Although is an strange method, the dbf file of the resulting shapefile will provide the list you need;
  3. Take a look at group stats plugin (1.6), you can use "city_name" as classification field, and press calculate. It will calculate some stats about each city, you can then copy the result and extract the city list.

I have just noticed that, in the Vector > Analysis Tools, there is a List unique Values tool that is precisely what one needs for this task. So easy... no workarounds and no need for Plugins.

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#3 did the trick! – Raffael Jan 27 '13 at 19:30

Try including something like:

where city_name is NOT NULL or not equal to NULL
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this will lead to QGIS displaying all features with a city_name. but I want to export the city_name values. – Raffael Jan 27 '13 at 19:15

Use query builder in qgis, go to city name field in fields in query builder. Go to values, add all. delete any nulls. build a script similar to city name = "london" and city name = "paris" untill you have the complete list of names and run the script. Now all city names are selected. you can export selected as a shape file and import into a postgresql database. To use a postgresql backend to qgis install a postgresql stack with geoserver, postgresql, and a postgis enabled databse in the postgresql. Store your data as post gis in the postgis database. You will need to connect to server. play around a bit and you will figure it out.

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