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I've installed both postgreSQL 9.0 and postgreSQL 9.1 on my mac, using binaries from I also have postgis 1.5 installed.

I tried to install pgrouting, again using binaries from aforementioned website, but when I ran the core sql it gave the Error: could not access file “$libdir/librouting (How to fix Error: could not access file "$libdir/librouting"?) error. So, instead I tried to build it from the source. but now when I run: cmake . , I get" -- PostgreSQL not found. FATALERROR Please check your PostgreSQL installation" I tried to append it to path using "export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/pgsql-9.0/bin"" but it still didn't work. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

P.s. I should mention that I want to tell the system to install pgrouting for postgresql 9.0 and NOT 9.1 version.

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