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I have a table called osm_places with place_name geometry, place_type and many other info related to the city. My database system is PostGIS.

My requirement is:

Given a latitude and longitude (which may or many not be the exact lat and long stored in the database), I need to find the nearest city or place_name from the table osm_places with the help of the input latitude and longitude. Any help is highly appreciated.

Is there a nearest neighbor implementation in php available for this or SQL to handle this?

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Need more information about your setup. Is it PostGIS or Microsoft or something else? – Taylor H. Feb 4 '13 at 15:01

There is a function in pgRouting called find_node_by_nearest_link_within_distance(), which does exactly what you need. See

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Geonames API can also do this - you will need an account:

Live Demo

Example - but you need to use your own account (replace username=demo)


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